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  • Duration 1 Months
  • Class Timings 2:00
  • Eligibility Any

Design Sketching Course

Sketching course helps students improve their drawing skills, and they also typically cover general design principles. Read on to explore profiles of some common sketching courses.

Here is an outline of common concepts taught in sketching course:

  • Introduction about sketching
  • Concept of Head Rotation and Sketching
  • Elastic 3d Single Boxed Knot
  • One Point Perspective Box Basics
  • One Point Perspective Box Cutting
  • One Point Perspective Basic Car Structure
  • One Point Perspective Basic Interior Designing
  • Two Point Perspective Basics
  • Two Point Perspective Advance Car Concept
  • Three Point Perspective Depths and Heights
  • Three Point Perspective City Escape drawing
  • Shadow Rules
  • Fantasy Rules


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