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React Native

React Native

React Native is a popular, high-performance JavaScript library for building rapidly responsive user interfaces. Developers use React native to quickly and efficiently build large cross platform mobile applications for iOS and Android. It automatically manages all UI updates when the underlying data changes. It is used by many of the Internet’s most popular apps including Skype, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, Swiggy, Uber and many others In DAAC you will learn to manage your application with redux and know how to apply this to react-native.

Course Feature

React Native

  • Duration 3 Months
  • Class Timings 1 Hour
  • Eligibility

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction

    Equip yourself with the basics and core concepts that are essential to develop with React Native.

  • Styles and Layouts

    Learn to apply styles in React Native while learning to develop different kinds of layouts in it.

  • React Native Components

    Learn about the various components of React Native as well as their areas of application.

  • React Native API

    Learn to use React Native API to access hardware related features and platform specific features.

  • Navigation

    Learn about the methods of setting up and configuring the React Native navigation library.

  • Remote Communication

    Learn about consuming remote API in React Native application by using fetch API and axios.


React Native

  • Introduction
  • ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
  • Hibernate Resources
  • Configuration file
  • Mapping file
  • Persistent class or POJO
  • Client application
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Installation and Directory Structure
  • Hibernate Data Types
  • First Application using Hibernate
  • Hibernate API
  • Configuration
  • SessionFactory
  • Session
  • Transaction
  • Object Life cycle in Hibernate
  • Transient object
  • Persistent object
  • Detached object
  • CRUD operations using Session methods.
  • save, persist, SaveOrUpdate
  • update, merge, delete
  • load, get
  • flush, evict, clear etc
  • Versioning
Major Exam and Project

Mobile Development

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