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Big Data

Big Data

Course Feature

Big Data Development

  • Duration 3 Months
  • Class Timings 1 hour
  • Eligibility B-Tech/ BCA

Advance Certification in Big Data

DAAC provides Big Data training in jaipur, DAAC have industries best trainer who provides training to student in professional manner according to industry requirements.
Big Data Course, learn to leverage big data analysis tools and techniques to foster better business decision-making – before you get into specific products like Hadoop training (just to name one). Learn ways of storing data that allow for efficient processing and analysis, and gain the skills you need to store, manage, process, and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data to create an appropriate data lake.



  • Big Data
  • Role of Hadoop in Big data
  • Hadoop and its ecosystem
  • Overview of Big Data Systems
  • Requirements in Hadoop
  • Use Cases of Hadoop


  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Data Flow
  • CLI Commands
  • Java API
  • Data Flow Archives
  • Data Integrity
  • Web HDFS

Map Reduce

  • Introduction
  • Data Flow (Map – Shuffle – Reduce)
  • CLI CommandsProgramming [Mapper, Reducer, Combiner, Partitioner]
  • Writable
  • Input Format
  • Data IntegrityOutput format
  • Web HDFSStreaming API

Advanced Mapreduce Programming

  • Counters
  • Custom Input Format
  • Distributed Cache
  • Side Data Distribution
  • Joins
  • Sorting
  • Tool Runner
  • Debugging
  • Performance Fine tuning

Administration – Information required at developer level

  • Hardware Considerations – Tips and Tricks
  • Schedulers
  • Balancers
  • Name Node Failure and Recovery


  • MySQL vs. SQL
  • CAP Theorem
  • Architecture
  • Configuration
  • Role of Zookeeper
  • Java Based APIs
  • Map Reduce Integration
  • Performance Tuning


  • Architecture
  • Tables
  • DDL – DML – UDF – UDAF
  • Partitioning
  • Bucketing
  • Hive-Hbase Integration
  • Hive Web Interface
  • Hive Server

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