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1 Ashish Sharma Nagarro IT Solution

It was an unforgettable experience. We had the most lovely tutors. There was a friendly atmosphere. Generally, I was extraordinarily lucky to do PHP in DAAC.

The best experience I have had so far in DAAC! Every trainer is so friendly and helpful.

1 Akash Bhatia Rare MIle Technologies
1 Arjun Solanki Syon InfoMedia

DAAC is an amazing institute that promotes learning and personal growth. Conducive atmosphere for learning and easily accessible. The tutors are well experienced and really helpful.

Everything is truly professional in this institute. I liked all the moments I spent there. Highly recommend anyone who wants to ease the DAAC.

1 Jitendra Pal Singh Componence Portal Services
1 Sanjay Chouhan JasApp TechServ Pvt. Ltd.

I really felt comfortable being in a welcoming institute. Everything was done professionally and the teaching quality was as what I would expect from DAAC.

Daac is extremely reliable and i would have no hesitation recomending them. Their approach is value added as they undersatnd our specific needs, the complexity of skills required and supply us with highly appropriate candidates.

1 Anurag Jaju Shri info
1 Ruchika IndiaResults

DAAC have always taken the time to fully understand my requirements before supplying excellent candidates with a good skills match. I have found their consultants to be helpful, friendly and a pleasure to do business with. The designers are ready to work on projects and they don’t even need 10 days training also to start the live work. I recommend candidates who are looking for web designing should join them

"DAAC makes your company grow. The employees that we've hired from DAAC have been excellent." The employees I hired from DAAC have ample experience of working on projects directly little training on the working environment make them grab the flow easily. The employees are more focused on practical things than on just learning the theoretical aspects. I highly recommend students to take there guidance to make a mark in industry

1 Khushboo Gangwani Trimurthy Infotech
1 Arun Goyal Octal Softwares

"Over the last 15 months DAAC Institute has played an important role in providing quality staff at Octal Softwares. "As an employer of many students from Doomshell Academy, I would highly recommend the program to any sincere candidates. The staff at DAAC is dedicated and professional, while the Degree is approved by the Punjab Technical University offers the highest quality preparation for this lucrative career. I have seen many Institutes, but DAAC is the best!"

if you're wishing to maximise the potential employees in your company. I would have no hesitation in recommending DAAC. Prathan Softwares have been utilising DAAC Institute's services for approximately two and a half years, providing trained Staff to our company. They have worked closely with our Management team, enabling effective communication and as a consequence, higher productivity."

1 Vishal Shukla Pratham Softwares
1 Prakash Meghani Conceptwebworld

"It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Doomshell Academy of Advance Computing. ConceptWebWorld now has a very established business partnership with DAAC, which is due to the fact that DAAC never compromise on the quality of their service. As we are a service provider in a highly competitive industry, our employee consultant must understand and be able to assure ConceptWebWorld's standing within our industry

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